Tales from the Hair Chair
Your hair! It has a lovely summer green tint!

There is nothing better on an oppressively hot day than cannon balling into a slightly chilled pool! But now you have to pay the consequences. You have been taxed by the fun police and your hair is GREEN!

Why does this happen? We can once again blame chemicals. Those tricky bastards!

Pools are treated to not grow fuzzies. No one wants to swim in a fuzzy green pool so they add algaecides. Nope.. It’s not the chlorine!!!! We always blame the chlorine. Poor chlorine. But inside algaecides is oxidized metals. The metal that turns green…. copper. So Copper is our culprit. Just look at what happened to the Statue of Liberty! She’s Green! And now, so is your hair. That copper binds especially well to lightened hair making it a beautiful Kelly green.

But since we are no where near St. Paddy’s day anymore how can I get rid of it? And maybe if you’re reading this before your first swan dive / belly flop of the summer, how do you prevent it?

The Fix:

Some clarifying shampoos can take out the green. But the problem is you need something that can chelate the metal. A mixture of baking soda and water will do the trick. Pour the mixture into wet hair and let sit a few minutes. Then Shampoo and Condition as normal.


Before going into the pool you need to seal your cuticle so it won’t absorb as much. Before getting into the pool wet your hair and apply conditioner. Then swim away. As soon as you get out though you need to get those metals out so Shampoo and condition right away before laying in the sun and baking them in.

So Chlorine…. I let chlorine off on the green charges but it still is doing some damage. Chlorine is the reason your hair gets that straw feeling. It’s very drying. If you are swimming you HAVE to not only shampoo right after but find a fantastic conditioner. You’re hair will thank you. (well, maybe not, but you’ll be able to get a comb through it… which is nice, all the same)