Tales from the Hair Chair

Feb 02

Flat out curl. Curling with a flat iron.

Jumping right in here. Section in thin section of hair. Clip the flat iron at the root of the section.

Slide the iron down the section slightly and start to rotate the iron. Make sure you hold the ends to feed them into the iron.

Once you make one full rotation the hair should be feeding in through the bottom again. Now slide the iron down the section while holding the ends and feeding them into the iron. If it’s to tight to slide open and close the iron while moving down the section.

There you have it! You magically made a curl from a flat surface!

Feb 01

You’re doing it wrong. The curling iron article.

I know you are. I know you ALL are. It’s okay I’m here to help. You take that scorching hot iron and slide it to the crispy ends of your hair and roll it up. Then you take the iron out and let that curl fly. Soon enough your roots are straight and the curl is just a wave in the ends.

So here’s the deal. When you roll from your ends not the entire hair strand gets the right amount of heat. Then your ends get too much. By the time you roll up to the root the hair has to penetrate through the ends and the mid shaft to heat up the root. Then when you release the hot hair you let it hang and the curl starts to fall out because the curl wasn’t allowed to cool in the right shape.

Be forwarded. This may be tricky to get the hang of. Once you do though you’ll be impressed by how bouncy and full your curls will be.

First start with a section slightly smaller in thickness than the barrel of the iron you choose.

Clip the iron on the section by the root while holding onto the ends.

Slide the iron down slightly and begin to turn the iron. Keep a hold on the ends and follow them around while feeding them into the iron.

Continue leading the ends into the iron by opening and closing the iron while turning continuing the curl.

Once the ends are completely fed into the iron let it set for a few seconds. Open the iron and slide it out while keeping the curl in tact.

Clip the curl in place to cool.

Repeat this all over your whole head then mist with hairspray. Allow the pinned up curls to stay in until the entire head has cooled. The result will be a more bouncy and long lasting curl from root to ends.

Remember the barrel size will make a bigger or smaller curl.

A bigger barrel will leave more of a body wave.

And a smaller barrel will make a tight curl.

Once again these are tricky but you’ll get a much better result with a bit of practice.

Jan 31

rollin, rollin, rollers!

The same basic rules apply to all types of rollers. You want to take a section of hair slightly smaller in length and width than the size of the roller you choose. This is probably the most common error in setting rollers. If your sections are too big you won’t get a consistent curl. Also depending on the method the hair might not get enough heat or won’t dry well. Also if you remove the rollers too soon and the curl is not completely dry or not completely cool. The set will then fall out. Another thing to be very aware of is the ends of the hair. If the ends aren’t wrapped around the roller they won’t curl and will look sloppy and bent. I recommend using a setting lotion when setting your hair wet. It adds a slight tackiness to the hair that helps setting easier. Don’t worry. It will still dry soft.

Since they are my favorite let’s start with sponge rollers. Start with significantly wet hair. Apply your setting lotion and comb through. Start at the top take a section slightly smaller in width and length that the roller size you choose.

Make sure the hair is combed and elevated the section. Smooth the ends of the hair over the rollers.

The ends are very important. Make sure the are tucked in. Start rolling the roller down with enough tension to keep the hair wrapping smoothly over the roller.

When you get to the base turn the clip so you can swing the arm over the top of the roller and snap shut.

Remember with sponge rollers to control your tension. If the tension is too tight it will squeeze the roller and your curl will be smaller than you want.

The method with vented rollers is pretty much the same. The section should be smaller in width and length than the roller.

Elevate the section and smooth ends over the roller.

Make sure the ends stay on the roller and keep tension and you roll the roller down to the root.

Secure the roller with a roller clip.

Now onto hot rollers. The hair must be completely dry for hot rollers to work. Same as before the section need to be slightly smaller than the roller.

Elevate section and smooth ends over roller.

Make sure ends stay tucked and roll the roller down to the base while keeping tension on the section.

Clip section secure at the root.

I recommend misting the whole head with a light hair spray and letting the hot rollers cool completely (10-15 minutes at least) before removing.

Remember that these techniques are not the easiest thing to master so be patient and practice. The more to do it the better you will get. Mind the ends and keep the tension and you’ll have beautiful and bouncy curls.

Jan 25

curl up and dry! the wet set basics.

I’m going to preface this  by saying that although wet setting can be time consuming and kind of annoying to get the hang of, I believe it makes for the most beautiful and shiny result. It also it the least damaging and the most long lasting way to create curls.

There are several types of rollers available for Wet setting. Sponge and soft rollers or hard and vented rollers are typically used in wet setting. Deciding which is best for you is determined by the tools you have available to you and the amount of time you have to wait for drying. Since hard rollers are impossible to sleep on soft and sponge rollers tend to be more popular these days. If rollers are taken out before the hair is completely dry the curl with completely fall out.

Since the complete dryness of this method is necessary lets first take a look at available tools for wet setting at home. Although sponge rollers can be slept in you can also use these dryers to speed up the process.

Hair dryer with Diffuser:


A diffuser fits on the end of your blow dryer and will keep the air flow from your dryer from becoming too strong and breaking up the curl. Although these are the most readily available tools, because you can only concentrate on one section at a time it will take quite a bit of time and you may loose interest and give up. Even drying with the faster methods can take up to an hour or more.

Hooded dryer:


You remember those photos of old ladies in the salon sitting under dryer with their roller set? Well, now they have desktop versions of those dryers for home use. Whereas they are extremely effective at speeding up the drying process, unless you are planning on roller setting often this is kind of a bulky accessory to have laying around your house.

Bonnet Dryers:


Okay, these look absolutely ridiculous, I know. They were more commonly used in the 60’s for home use. But for home use, I find, they are the most convienient and compact. They are large bonnets that look like a very large shower cap. They fit over even the largest rollers and when turned on fill up to look like a large bubble on your head. As silly as you will feel wearing it you can’t deny the result.

Look for the how to in the next blog on how to roll and place various types of rollers.

Jan 24

curly curly curly!

Over the next few blogs I will be focusing on the correct way to curl your hair and the various methods. A very common problem I hear from clients is not know how to curl their hair or that the curl falls out. The reason for this is technique or just not using the correct methods.

There’s a lot to cover in methods of curling so let’s jump right in with the basics. There are several ways to approach curling. There is a wet set and dry set. Wet setting takes more time since you have to wait for it to dry. Drying can be assisted by a hooded dryer or just air drying. Air drying can take an very long time especially if your hair is long and/ or thick. Dry setting is a done with tools that create a high amount of heat such as in curling irons and hot rollers. Dry setting doesn’t usually last as long but there are tricks I will be covering to assist lengthening the freshness of the curl.

Something else to consider when purchasing your curling tools is the desired tightness of your curl. Since curl likes to relax a bit you may want to select a tool a slightly smaller than your desired outcome. A larger roller will create less of a curl and more of a wave. And very large rollers will create volume and hardly any curl at all. The standard size of barrel for most irons and rollers are about 1”.

Being lazy and trying to take short cuts when styling will create messy results or no result at all. It’s important to take the appropriate sized sections. This depends on the size of barrel you decide to use.

Most importantly, practice and be patient. It takes time to perfect good styling techniques. Try to have fun and experiment with what works best for you!

Dec 01


Sep 25

Our constitutional rights and #OccupyWallstreet

No matter what your political beliefs, the treatment of demonstrators at the OccupyWallstreet protest is deplorable. I have decided to post a description of what our constitutional rights say. The NYPD should be healed accountable for violating those rights and the public media should be put under scrutiny for not reporting on it. We need to collectively stand up and question our governments actions and demand change and equality.

The freedom of Assembly

"Freedom of assembly, sometimes used interchangeably with the freedom of association, is the individual right to come together and collectively express, promote, pursue and defend common interests.[1] The right to freedom of association is recognized as a human right, a political freedom and a civil liberty.

Freedom of assembly and freedom of association may be used to distinguish between the freedom to assemble in public places and the freedom of joining an association. Freedom of assembly is often used in the context of the right to protest, while freedom of association is used in the context of labor rights and the Constitution of the United States, is interpreted to mean both the freedom to assemble and the freedom to join an association.[2][not in citation given]

In the United States constitution, it states ‘the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.’”

Sep 11

Loopy updo tutorial

Start with clean dry hair parted on the side.

Comb the sides straight back and Bobby pin. Insert the Bobby pins on top of each other in X’s for extra hold.

Start grabbing random pieces and making loops and Bobby pinning them to the sides where the X shapes are. Leave ends loose.

Continue making loops in the nape and securing them with X shapes.

Once all the hair is looped spray with a firm hold hairspray.

Try embellishing with flowers and accessories!

Fun loopy hairdo for today! Tutorial to follow!

Fun loopy hairdo for today! Tutorial to follow!

Sep 01

Styling tip!

To create a ton of volume use 2 round brushes while blowing your hair out. Heat up one section and roll the section all the way to the root with the brush and leave it in. Then use the other brush in another section and alternate! This gives each section time to cool!

Happy styling!!